Headquarters for the Institute: “The Campaign for the Future”

For over half a century, the Józef Pilsudski Institute of America, apolitical and beholden to no one, has dedicated itself to guard the truth about Poland’s history in order to protect Poland’s image in the world, and to acquaint Americans with Poland’s cultural heritage and its contribution to our common American heritage. The Institute continues to be an active research center for the modern history of Poland and as an archive and museum of Polish history and culture, subsequently enriching many lives.

Due to the circumstances regarding our current headquarters, the Institute is taking proactive steps to ensure our long-term stability and our immediate step is to find a new permanent headquarters.  Our goal is that the new space be representative of both our superb history while also dynamic enough to accommodate our future aspirations.

Fortunately two special teams have been created to undertake the search for a new location for the Institute and to spearhead the fundraising effort associated with it. First team is called The Real Estate Search Advisory and consists of: Halina Koralewska, Bożena Massey, Zena Diop-Zielinski and Jerzy Leśniak in addition to the members of the Executive Committee.

While the “Campaign for the Future” team is led by the new Director of Development, Patrycja Bury. Patrycja works closely with the Executive Committee and an external fundraising counsel, Greenvale Strategies, LLC.  You will soon see formal correspondence detailing the campaign and its phases.

We are proud to announce that our “Campaign for the Future” will ensure that our programs thrive for years to come.  Toward that end, today we are writing to Thank You for your past philanthropic support and commitment to our vision. 

As we embark on this exciting campaign, we are asking all those who value the importance of the Institute to Poles in the United States, Poland and the world at large, for help in finding a permanent home for us in the New York area and for financial support associated with this project.  Please join our efforts to ensure the long term sustainability of the Institute.  You can help the “Campaign for the Future” by either making a financial donation or by making an introduction to a donor, corporation or foundation which may be interested in supporting the organization. 

The Institute is a non-profit organization and therefore membership dues and donations are tax deductible.  Please make your check or money order payable to The Pilsudski Institute of America or make a gift online.  If you have any questions about the campaign please contact the Institute by telephone or email.  Thank you!