The Corporate Catalyst Award

The Corporate Catalyst Award is an amalgamation of awards that The Institute has issued over our proud 70 year history of forging strong relations between the USA and Poland. The Institute believes that these unique modern times require us to emphasize the powerful impact that US based multi-national companies and US foreign direct investment has had on the Polish economy by selecting Poland for continued investment. Hence, The Institute is committed to honor leading companies for their continued and pioneering investment in Poland. 

The Corporate Catalyst Award provides a platform to highlight decades of innovation and cooperation between our proud countries and to showcase the modern commercial, educational and cultural relationships which exist today, spanning several generations. 

The Institute would like the Award to serve as a progressive platform from which to advocate for continuing and impactful cooperation between our important stakeholders:

  1. The Polish Diaspora
  2. US corporate sector and US based foreign direct investment
  3. US and Polish governments
  4. US and Polish philanthropy
  5. US and Polish cultural institutions and academic partners

The following honorees have been featured at our ceremonies in recent years: 

  • Citi Group
  • International Paper
  • Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union
  • Polish National Alliance
  • Coca-Cola HBC Polska i Coca-Cola Poland Services.

The Award is a highly respected accolade in the Polish-American Diaspora, with a special focus in New York City. It garners the attention of executives from across sectors of industry and celebrities from the Polish community, all of whom are committed to maintaining strong cultural and scientific bonds between the U.S. and Poland.